Life With Dogs

About the Book

Katy Widger is an award-winning fine artist who paints animals, wild, domestic, tame and incarcerated. Her specialty is dog portraits, because, as she says in the introduction, "I have slept with dogs my entire life.....My highest joy, my deepest pain has flowed from my true love of the dogs in my life...." She created this little book, she says,  to showcase some of her favorite dog portraits and their stories. Her descriptions of the paintings on each page come from her blog, Katy Widger's Raindance Journal. If you have ever loved a dog, the pictures and stories will make you laugh and smile and even shed a tear with the familiar recognition of that deep emotion we share with the dogs in our lives. She has a unique ability to not only capture the true spirit of a dog, through their eyes and gesture in her paintings, but also their individual stories in her poetic style of prose. A wonderful gift for the dog lover and a unique little coffee table book that will make you want to commission a painting from her to immortalize your special canine friend!

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