Fine Art Animal & Wildlife Paintings

"Katy Widger is a talented and thoughtful artist who
weaves mythology and meaning into her nature-inspired creations. Her work speaks about the natural world in a high-spirited poetic language."
                              Wesley Pulkka - Art Critic, Albuquerque Journal

 “As an artist, I paint that which I love. My heart belongs in the animal kingdom! It is a great privilege to paint the various animals  that come into my life, striving to capture their true essence on my canvas.  I find no greater joy than to stand at my easel with another new critter painting taking on life under my brush.   It is my hope that you will see their inherent worth, their individuality and incomparable contribution to our lives, our Earth, through their portraits.”

Katy is an award-winning animal artist
whose primary focus is on canines, birds and wildlife. 
A native New Mexican,
she was raised in the rural village of Corrales, north
of Albuquerque.  She began painting in oils in 2003, after two decades of work in fiber arts, as a nationally recognized art quilter and author.  She lives in Edgewood on a small
farm with her husband, four devoted dogs
and two opinionated parrots.
She is an active board member of East Mountain Pet Alert,
and an ongoing-contributor of her art work and financial support  to local  animal  welfare organizations.

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